healthy catering – we do it all, big & small!

Time for a meeting and you don’t know what kind of healthy and delicious food you want to order? – think Redfellas catering! We have a big selection of healthy food for you to choose from, and we deliver the same day as long as you place an order before 8 am. We have several different alternatives for you if you want a healthy lunch, snack or start the day of with a refreshing breakfast. Redfellas Catering – we deliver fresh and healthy food.

Spark up the early businessmeeting with our freshly squeezed juices and long crispy sourdough sandwiches, that works perfectly to cut in half at serving. We also have bagels in different flavors, or why not surprise your colleagues with healthy and colorful smoothies.

Our salads are the perfect healthy choice for lunch. We have several different salads to choose from, weither you are a vegan, only eat chicken or only want fish we got you a healthy lunch. Redfellas evan has a calori-based salad for those who want an extra fit lunch. To drink we recommend one of our freshly squeezed juices or smoothies but we also have Nocco in several flavors that would be a good match with your salad.

When it’s time for that much needed snack in the afternnon, surprise your colleagues with some tasty smoothies instead of the traditional unhealthy snacks and buns. Our colorful smoothies are the perfect healthy snack and it really sparks up the office with energy, and makes your staff go that extra mile the rest of the day. Choose between our 8 different flavors of smoothies and 6 flavors of juices. for the true coffe lovers out there, we also have tasty frappes and shakes that are out of this world! For thoose who want something to eat but still like to keep it healthy we offer snacks of raw-food and offcourse we also have selection for thoose who want something sweet.

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