Like all gangsters we’re really, really into pizza — AND we like our food fast and fresh. It turns out we’re not alone. Our organic tomato sauce is made in-house and we’ve sourced the baddest, best-set ovens straight from Italy. For toppings — it’s all up to you! Keep it simple or get carried away. Customize a pizza; we’ve got the freshest veggies, meats and cheeses to choose from.

And…we deliver! So, what are you waiting for? It’s pizza time, fellow gangsters!



We put the gangster in the smoothie! Which gangstersmoothie are you? A ”Green Gangster”, a ”Mobster on a diet ”or a ”Big Gee”? We have it all. Our smoothies are freshly blended to order and we only use whole fruits, berries, vegetables or yoghurt. You can even mix your own ”Godfather”-smoothie or pimp it with chiaseeds, ginger or protein!



You will see your juice being ”made” right in front of your very eyes and we have apple or orange as a base. We only use the best apples with the highest quality and we don´t mix until you give us your ”go-ahead”



We only use the finest sourdough bread and the best ingredients. Redfellas sandwich is made by hand in each shop. There’s no big sandwich-making machine and no big sandwich factory, so each one is freshly prepared (made today, gone today). And the taste is gangster. No bland and boring flavors.



All our salads are made to order and we have a wide range of toppings, vegan and organic options.



Badass beans!
We have partnered up with the best; Zoegas. We have chosen the best beans for our coffee:

ZOÉGAS Mollbergs Blend
Elegant & Full-bodied dark roast
A dark roast with body and elegant notes of blackcurrant and butterscotch. Highly grown Kenya beans blended with pearl beans from Brazil provides this coffee blend with its’ special aroma and a long after taste.

ZOÉGAS Espresso Bellezza
Silky smooth with notes of cherry & sage
An exciting blend with a long after taste. In this blend the fruitiness of beans from Brazil comes together with the full elegance of highly grown, washed beans from Kenya. You’ll find exciting notes of cherry and sage, together with a hint of chocolate provided by the Indian bean – Monsoon Malabar.

“Paulie may have moved slow, but it was only because Paulie didn’t have to move for anybody.”  ~ Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), Goodfellas

Now you don’t have to move at all. Download our app and order- we deliver! Or skip the line make a quick package-pickup. You can even preorder and have a seat and the food will come to you. Download it now at Apple store

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