“as far back as i can remember,
i always wanted to be a redfella.”

(The name ”Redfellas” is a tribute to the movie ”Goodfellas)


Redfellas was conceived by a pair united by a love for people, good food and gangster movies. The pair sought to combine the best of their native scandinavian and mediterranean styles with a twist of their best personal food experiences, and create a concept that is truly unique and delicious. The first bar opened in Malmo Sweden in 2009 and has grown into many more since. The Redfellas quest is simple: Redfellas aims to become the biggest cafe-chain in the world making it possible for everyone to feel the welcoming ”Redfellas-vibe” and enjoy outstanding service, food and drinks. But most of all: a place to meet, eat and connect in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant. The setting could easily suit a work lunch at noon, a family dinner at 6 p.m., and a pack of pizza-ravenous revelers at 1 a.m.

From the store design and decor to the staff and management attitudes, Redfellas represents a culture of pioneering and progressive creativity in all we say and do. Respect for our customers is our unique selling point and we don´t judge or have an excluding attitude. Whether your vegan, a meat eater, love sweets or raw food your welcome and we aim to please all preferences. We embrace the difference and treat all customers with respect. Our music is feelgood, our drinks prepared with flair, our consigliere’s are vibrant and our food serves the modern fusion characteristics of our customers.


”we´re making food you can´t refuse”

The Fresh food mafia:

Redfellas are goodfellas and like the fresh food mafia that we are we only provide our customers with high quality food and drinks. We are responsible and we eliminate unnecessary fats, GMOs and artificial ingredients whenever possible, and strive to provide fresh, wholesome ingredients our customers can feel good about. Alla our salad-bowls are eco-friendly and we use organic ingredients whenever possible.